Join us in celebrating our 10-year anniversary!

December 12, 2022

From a spare bedroom office in my home to new branding to campaigns in all 50 states, and frankly, growth beyond what anyone could anticipate, we’ve always had the same goal: being there for and winning for our clients.

We set out to build a different firm, one that cares about every client and focuses on every detail of your campaign. We believe we have done just that. A lot has changed over these past ten years, but we wouldn’t trade the relationships and memories we have built for anything.

The founding partners of Ascent Strategic have more than eighty years of campaign experience, have played integral roles in nine Republican Presidential campaigns, and have deep roots in the early primary/caucus states of New Hampshire, Iowa, and South Carolina. We have taken this experience and built out client-focused mail, digital, phone, franking, and public affairs programs to complement our general consulting services.

From strategy and messaging to grassroots and coalition building to our award-winning services, we are here to serve you and help get you elected.

Cheers to what the next 10 bring!

We craft strategies to help you win.

At Ascent Strategic, we devise winning strategies for candidates and political organizations. We'd love to see what we can help you achieve.

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