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March 22, 2024

Ascent Takes Home FIVE Reed Awards

It’s that time of the year again, one of the biggest nights for political firms (well, besides Election Day). We are ecstatic to announce our shelves will be a little fuller this year after taking home FIVE Reed Awards last evening.

The FIVE Reed Awards we won include:
– Brand & Merch: Best Rapid Response Piece of Campaign Merchandise
– Digital – Advertising & Targeting: Best Campaign Meme
– Direct Mail: Best Mail Piece for Independent Expenditure Campaign – Statewide
– Bootstrapped Campaigns: Best Direct Mail Piece for Bootstrapped Campaign
– Direct Mail: Best Mail Piece for Mayoral Campaign

It is our absolute honor to do the work we do and represent the best we have to offer at the Reed Awards every year. We pride ourselves on building award-winning campaigns unique to each district and candidate while providing the best services in the industry. Our company has grown beyond our wildest dreams since our inception in a small spare bedroom office.

We look forward to continuing to offer you our expertise in all realms of political campaigning. We’re more than just consultants. If you need award-winning services to put victory within reach and want the ability to work with a masterful group of political professionals, reply to this email to talk with our talented team today!

“‘Donald Trump is the most important endorsement in Ohio, bar none,’ longtime Republican strategist and 2016 Trump campaign veteran Mike Biundo emphasized.”

Read the full Fox News article here.

Derek Dufresne continued: ‘In this day and age, as more and more voters do become comfortable with their own state’s programs of absentee and early vote, you need to be building your campaign plans back from when early vote or absentee ballots start. And that doesn’t always mean you have to be up on TV, but that means that you better make sure that you’re in their text messages, in their emails, in their mailboxes, in whatever strategic way it works.’

“Dufresne’s shop has been staffing up for the cycle, bringing on David Haren and Whitaker McKenzie, a graphic designer and account executive respectively, and promoting Mark Warner to director of client success, Austin Buholtz to senior account executive, Lee-Ann Bender to VP of operations and Amanda Biundo to VP of creative and marketing.

Read the full Campaign & Elections article here.

Kory Wood was also mentioned in Politico for our Indiana Super PAC, Principled Leaders PAC.

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