NEWSLETTER: Get Out the Vote

October 27, 2023

Andrew Boucher: Get Out the Vote

Want to be depressed as a candidate or a campaign pro? In a few months, go back through the voter file – after it has been updated with the turnout from this November’s election. Randomly look up some of your friends, family, and neighbors to see if they voted.

Mark my words, you’ll be shocked and dismayed at the number of your supporters who forgot to vote. This election may be a major event for you – something you’ve poured your life into – but for most voters, it’s just another election. And if they forget to show up, they’ll just assume it’s no big deal: What does their one vote really matter for anyway?

Get out your vote. Start now, and don’t stop until the polls close on Election Day.

At Ascent, GOTV is our specialty. We provide every type of phone service available, and frankly, you should be using all of them.

  • Text messages
  • Robocalls & IVRs
  • Live-operator calls

We’ve got a Pollie Award on a shelf somewhere for a last-minute robocall we did at 5:30 p.m. on Election Day. We got a key endorsement just before 5:00 p.m. and recorded, set up, and delivered a robocall in less than an hour. It was a major factor in our client’s come-from-behind win.

As a campaign, you need each voter to understand just how important their vote is to your success. It may seem like overkill to call someone and text them and call them again, but it doesn’t just serve as a reminder – it conveys your sense of urgency: You need their vote.

Contact our team today to help with your GOTV needs. Whether it’s texting, robocalls or IVRs, live-operator calls, telephone townhalls, or any other GOTV service, we can help.

We craft strategies to help you win.

At Ascent Strategic, we devise winning strategies for candidates and political organizations. We'd love to see what we can help you achieve.

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