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May 19, 2023

Wes Farno on How Trust is the Key: A Case for Amplify Public Affairs

Nearly 30 years ago, I came home after school to see a note from my mom on the bulletin board.

It read, “Wes, trust is the key, so hand me the keys, please!”

The infraction was small, and I lost my driving privileges, but her message still resonates with me today.

At Amplify Public Affairs, we develop and execute strategies directly impacting government relations and public affairs. We monitor legislation and regulations that affect livelihoods; we ensure that clients stay informed and prepared. And then, we activate the audiences that will influence outcomes.

Amplify Public Affairs is unique in the marketplace because we are a national organization based in the states. Yes, we can still use all the jargon that sounds impressive in a PowerPoint presentation and have the tactical experience that puts us at the top of the list for anyone looking to hire consultants. But our ability to play inside baseball outside the Beltway sets us apart.

Most team members are frequent guests on the political chicken dinner circuit, talking with engaged citizens about the issues that matter to them. We find ourselves in state capitals and at small-town fundraisers. We speak directly with donors, grassroots activists, business owners, mayors, city council members, and everyday Americans, earning their trust with our words and actions.

If it sounds all apple pie and Americana – it is.

In a recent pitch meeting, several of my colleagues and I were told by a Government Relations Manager at a national brand that nobody was ever fired for hiring a certain major player in the public affairs space.

We could not argue that point, but our rebuttal was simple – they are a top-notch DC-based firm with good people. Nonetheless, they only have the perspective of those living in one centralized location—the same location as our prospective client.

You need more than polling and the tools used to engage them – which are important and we offer if you want to influence Americans and make a difference. To be a difference maker, you need to know how everyday Americans think.

To make an impact in our information-saturated world, you need a team with DC knowledge and a perspective that only comes when you live and work outside the Beltway. You need a team that still has Diana Farno looking over their shoulder saying, “Trust is the Key.”

With Amplify Public Affairs, that is precisely what you get.

ICYMI: Yesterday, it was announced that the Ascent Strategic team, with Partners Mike Biundo, Derek Dufresne, and Kory Wood, is being brought on as Senior Advisors to the American Exceptionalism PAC. The pro-Vivek Ramaswamy PAC Co-Chair Scott Schweitzer said, “We are excited to bring on Michael Biundo and the experienced team at Ascent Strategic. Ascent has a depth of knowledge in Presidential politics, processes, and communications. Their experience across the country and in the early states will be invaluable to our efforts of helping to elect Vivek Ramaswamy as the next President of the United States.” You can read the full story here on Politico.

2024 Speculation: As seen on Twitter, Ascent Strategic and partner Mike Biundo were mentioned by NBC News reporter Henry Gomez and Politico reporter Adam Wren regarding the 2024 courting process.

Underestimated: The Indiana Legislative Insight discussed in their May 5th issue that the “stars aligned” for Ascent client Sue Finkam on her primary win in the Carmel, Indiana, Mayoral Primary. This effort, led heavily by Ascent Partner Kory Wood and Senior Account Executive Mark Warner, was supported by our award-winning team and their service expertise, which saw a win on Election Day. As the Indiana Legislative Insight put it: “Underestimated was the targeted turnout campaign orchestrated by the Finkam team.” This win was in conjunction with a total of NINE wins for Ascent clients across Indiana and Ohio that same evening.

On the Road: As always, the Ascent team is on the move talking with prospective clients, traveling with current clients, and supporting conservative efforts. Derek Dufresne spent some time on Capitol Hill with our client Kat Cammack where they had a chance to catch up with Fox News personality Guy Benson. Alternatively, Mike Biundo attended the Freedom Works Restore Liberty 2023 event with Cammack, where she was a speaker; he also talked to Vice President Pence and his wife, Karen.

Kory Wood and Mark Warner (Senior Account Executive) hosted Campaign School with the Iowa Young Republicans reviewing the “Dos and Don’ts of Campaigns.”

Wes Farno (Senior Consultant) was seen on the move with our client Mike Gibbons and the Chairwoman of the Cuyahoga Republican Party to discuss the future of Ohio Strong Action.

Finally, on Monday, Andrew Boucher was in New York for The Monday Meeting, which he co-runs with James Higgins.

We craft strategies to help you win.

At Ascent Strategic, we devise winning strategies for candidates and political organizations. We'd love to see what we can help you achieve.

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